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Click below to discover the  Ketogenic Diet Plan Web Application that’s helped thousands achieve their health and fitness goals!

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Nutrition + Training Programs = Keto2Fit!

Keto Diet Plan: How You Can Teach Your Body to Burn Fat 24/7

Do you want to lose fat without doing exhausting exercises? Are you tired of trying new crash diets that only result in more weight gain? We have a solution for you! Sign up to Keto2fit.NET and shred those stubborn centimeters once and for all!

Our food plan consists of lean protein, lots of vegetables, healthy fats and a few carbohydrates. Forget counting calories! Our nutritious ketogenic diet meal plan can help you slim down fast without exercises and starvation. The success rate among our users is close to 100%!

How to Use the Keto2fit.NET service

Our software contains everything you need: 150 easy recipes of healthy, delicious meals, a weight tracker to keep an eye on your progress, and a ketogenic calculator to detect and eliminate weak spots in your diet.


Sign up and you will:

  •        lose weight efficient
  •        naturally lower your cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar levels
  •        feel fit and energetic every day

Keto2fit.NET is also suitable for athletes who want to gain muscle. Use our food plan to reach your specific goals!

One-time Charge of $27 – 60 Day of Access!
No Hidden Fees. No Contract. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

This 60-Day Jumpstart program has helped tens of thousands lose weight and achieve not only their fitness goals, but their life goals as well.

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    Information is the key to your success. Knowing how your body functions and what nutrients it needs can help you understand what makes you gain weight and how to avoid that. Find out how our program will help you to slim down. Trust us, it is an eye-opening experience!

  • over 150 delicious recipes

    Forget starving yourself once and for all. Weight loss is not about losing appetite and eating less. It is about consuming the right foods. You don’t need to count calories or weigh your portions. Get access to 150 easy recipes for healthy and delicious meals you will surely enjoy!

  • Weight monitoring

    Our weight tracker allows you to monitor your progress using graphics and charts. Just put in the date of the weigh-in and the system will make all the calculations.

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    You don’t need to count calories, but if your weight loss slows down, you can easily find out how much you consume using our calculator. It also comes in handy if your goal is to gain more muscle while burning fat.

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  • Body dimensions monitoring

    You can track not only your weight but also how your body changes throughout the weight-loss journey. Enter your parameters and monitor the changes. Athletes will approve!

  • Transparent results

    All weight entries are anonymous, but you can still track other people’s progress to keep you motivated.

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    Method Makia training leads to creating an incredibly powerful and functional body gradually developing your strength and mobility. No need to buy expensive equipment! Do the exercises using only your body weight .



    Method Makia starts with a test to determine your fitness level which allows us to create a custom training program just for you. It will continually adapt according to your development challenging you to step up your game.


    Training system contains 1400 different exercises with body weight. Each one of them includes a comprehensive demonstration video. The system constantly increases the level of difficulty based on your workout history and feedback. Whatever your goal is, reach for it!


    Our program also includes HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). It consists of exercises that increase your heart-rate. All of your workouts are stored in the system so you can easily track the progress.


    Every Method Makia exercise is unique because it is tailored according to your current level of fitness. It makes training exciting and allows you to develop your skills gradually.

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One-time Charge of $27 – 60 Day of Access!
No Hidden Fees. No Contract. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Keto2Fit FAQ

When I purchase The Keto2Fit, how will it be delivered to me?

Keto2Fit is a web application that includes everything. You can use it on a computer, tablet, or phone. You will receive the IDs by e-mail immediately after registration.

Is Keto2Fit gluten free?


I am concerned that the training programs are too demanding for me?

Don’t worry. Training programs are made personally to each user. If you have a lot of excess weight, you do not even need to have any training programs, just a diet and a daily walking is enough.

What if I can not get weight loss?

The service has a two-week money back guarantee. We have trained thousands of users in our software and we have a solid experience of it. It’s true that not everyone can do it for one reason or another, but if you look at user data, 99% of users did succeed!

I’m interested in trying out Keto2Fit, but I have an existing health condition. Is it safe?

If you have type I diabetes (not your own insulin) diet is not recommended without medical consultation and supervision. Insulin dosage should be radically adjusted with this diet. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we do not recommend the diet.

For Type 2 diabetics, our diet is highly recommended.

One-time Charge of $27 – 60 Day of Access!
No Hidden Fees. No Contract. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Your Ultimate Guide to Whole Living

Stop putting off healthy changes and start getting in shape today! With KetoDiet app for your PC, tablet or mobile phone you have all the necessary tools to finally reach your goals. Our expert nutrition and training programs have successfully helped thousands of people around the world to lose weight and get fit. You can be one of them!

Find out What Holds You Back

There are two key ingredients to get your dream body:proper diet and exercises. It is easy to get confused about millions of different meal plans and workout routines available on the internet. We offer you more than 100 comprehensive ketogenic diet recipes for weight loss and a sustainable Method Makia full-body workout tailored to your specific level and goals.

Let Us Whip You into Shape

No need to pay for a pricey gym membership and wait in line to get on a treadmill! With Keto app, you can workout at home with no mirrors using just your body weight. All of our exercises are easy to follow and come with a demonstration video. Our training plan will challenge you to improve your fitness level every day!

You can use Keto tracking app to follow your progress, keep a record of your weight loss, and check out the amazing results other users achieve with our program.  

Lose Weight Naturally

Keto diet plan is packed with nutritious, healthy meals that will help you burn fat fast. Learn how to lose weight and keep it off forever. If for some reason you cannot work out, don’t worry! Keto diet recipes are 100% effective even without exercise.

No need to starve, weigh each portion or count calories! Consume unprocessed, energy-rich food that will speed up your metabolism and make you shed pounds naturally. What is more, it will reduce your cholesterol and blood sugar level without any supplements or medication!

Register to Keto app and get an exclusive access to premium workouts and delicious meal plans!

One-time Charge of $27 – 60 Day of Access!
No Hidden Fees. No Contract. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

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